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What are other terms for Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is also called:

Internet Marketing or

Online Marketing or

Virtual Marketing

e-Marketing etc.

Let's understand Digital Marketing with the help of an example of Digital Marketing.

As I am an Engineer, so I'll apply reverse engineering here to explain Digital Marketing in an easy and simple way with an example. 

Suppose you are purchasing a Pizza of an "abc" company from the restaurant / physical outlet near your home, then it is an example of Traditional Marketing. And if you are ordering and purchasing a Pizza through the mobile app or the website of the same "abc" company, then it is an example of Digital Marketing. 

So you started with Digital Marketing, and now you have understanding of both Traditional marketing as well as Digital Marketing. You can relate this to the marketing gimmick: BUY 1, GET 1 FREE. 

What is the definition of Digital Marketing?

In simple words or language, Digital Marketing is the marketing of products, services or ideas over the Internet. 

In other words, Digital Marketing is the marketing of goods, products, services, ideas etc. with the help of Digital Communication Tools and Internet Technology. 

Digital marketing combines the creative and technical aspects of the Internet which includes the design, development, advertising and sale of ads and products. 

There is, in fact, no major difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing. These are one and the same thing, except for DIGITAL being specific to a medium in Digital Marketing. 

Let's clarify this with an example - A Pizza purchased at the physical outlet occurs through a marketplace, but buying Pizza through an online medium is its marketspace. Similarly, there are examples of numerous products and services which are present in the marketplace and also in the marketspace, such as banking services, insurance products/services, mobile/dish recharge etc. 

Demographic, Geographic, Psychographic and Behavioural Factors Important to e-Marketing

Since the last two decades, the usage of Internet to support marketing activities is on the rise. 

The forces of globalisation have helped the use of Internet in the marketing activities for various enterprises/companies/organisations. 

What is e-Marketing?

The term "e-Marketing" is an alternative word to Internet Marketing. The latter is narrow in its scope as it explains more on how Internet can be used in conjunction with traditional tools of marketing. 

e-Marketing or Electronic Marketing is broader in its meaning and is more comprehensive in its approach. It refers to various digital mediums such as Web, E-Mail, Wireless media and also includes management of digital customer data and electronic customer relationship management systems (e-CRMS). 

According to  Smith & Chaffey, e-marketing can be used to assist the following objectives:-

Digital Marketing is for everyone. Digital Marketing is the buzz in marketing. There is buzz about Digital Marketing but Traditional Marketing will also exist. Traditional Marketing is very costly. 

Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.) ---------> Content Quality

Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M.) ---------> Content Quality + Money 

Digital Assets ---------> Blogs/Websites/YouTube Channel & you can monetize these to earn money online in US Dollars directly in your bank account. 

Digital Marketing consists of four P's of marketing:-

*Ubiquitous: being every where at once or omnipresent.*

Tactics and Outcomes :

5 Elements of Digital Marketing:

Seth Godin, World Renowned Author of marketing, talked about 5 Elements of Digital Marketing:

Steps in creating a Digital Marketing Strategy:

Identify your Customer:-

Gather data on your existing customers like online surveys, Interviews.

Choose the Right Platforms:

Depends on type of Products and Services you offer and personal of your customers.

e.g. Pinterest for fashion design corporation.

Twitter - Not very popular in certain    countries.

Social affair are not the only Platform you should select.

Set goals:

Setting goals or UPI can keep motivate and give purpose to strategy itself.

Fix a Budget:

Support amount on your arguments but should be used to promote your social pages and posts.

Points exciting marketing offers through comparison and invest in some valuable analytical tools.

Most Social Media Network:    

Only change for engagements means you will only pay if ad you placed or the post you promoted was clicked on.This is know by a acronyms ,CPE(cost per engagement) and CPC(cost per click).

social network themselves and 3rd party

Engage Yourself:  

Give reply to customer of any given or mention from view or respond to any likes, mention Retweets from viewers, even if from review , in a friendly way.

Engage yourselfs by sharing Retweets, liking, commenting customer or favouring useful content.

respond to any feedback comments whenever g or b.

Above all content should be engaging and exting.

While meeting your SEO represents by followinf latest trends

keep any eye on news and always be creative.

If Digital Marketing strategy feels like for much work foe you to handle alone hire a qualified Digital Marketers with a CAM Diploma.

Evaluate results:

Visits the Blog :

case: Discuss nike case at end of chapter 1 of text book (Rob stokes E-Marketing)